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re: App: Foran - Danny

The application submitted by Foran - Danny is as follows:

Name : Temple
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Stormreaver
Level : 85
Gender : Female
Faction : Horde
Race : Goblin
Class : Shaman
Spec 1 : Elemental
Spec 2 : Enhance

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes


- Character Name::

- Class::

- Spec::

- Professions and skill level (Note any reasons for not having max level):
Jc, Engineering

-Where are you from?:

- Age (be honest)::

Raiding and Experience:

-We raid Sunday, Monday and Thursday 18.30 - 23.00. We require 90% attendance, people will fail their trial if they are not able to make this. Are there any times in the near future where you will be unable to make these raid times?:
I can make those days, and I will be able to be there with 90% attendance!

-What is your current raiding experience to date (Include BC, Pre-BC and WotLK)? Also, what are your expectations and aims for Cataclysm as a raider?: :
Vanilla: Nothing, didnt play.
BC: Only a small time thing, with an old guild. Did some BT SSC KARA and 1st boss in Sunwell
Wrath: Everything except some hardmodes and LK HC.
Cata: Normal full clear till DS. Havent been able to do a single boss in DS yet, due to my guild broke down right before patch, like a week before or so. Been looking for pugs, but most of em fail or wont even be gathered. Im a quick learner, so i hope it wont be of such a big matter that im missing out on DS. Know every tactic and have mates that i live with that can guide me through it if needed.


-Explain your talents and glyph choices.:
My talents are for the best possible dps, altho i might change the reduced manacost to the dmg reduction.

Glyphs, atm im using unleashed lightning, but i will change that to the 4% dmg increase on lightningbolt.

- What changes and aims do you have to maintain and improve your raid performance / knowledge of the game:
Hmm, nothing as for now. I would say im a pretty soild player

- Please choose an encounter. Give a detailed account of your DPS cycle, Healing duties or Tanking requirements and any specific jobs in the encounter you would have to carry out.:
Alyz hc, I will be the solo interupter and dps'er for the small adds to the left, interupt when ever that "lavabolt" is about to be casted, help nuke the meteor in the middle, and keep FS up on the big birdy. Also hide behind the meteor, avoid fire tornadoes. Nuke the boss, and pretty much repeat. Using Grounding totem to keep up with the interupting if it is about to get messy while running back and forth between the adds that needs interupting.

- Why do you want to join Minority ?:
Because im looking for a stable and active guild, since my current one pretty much broke down right before the patch.
But i hope you will give me some challenge, and a good guild to be in, with lots of good times and raids.

-Do you have any players in the Minority that can vouch for you?:
Not what i know of.

-Tell us a bit about yourself.:
Im 22 years old, i live together with 2 friends and in my sparetime i hang out with my friends and fiancé, not the big party animal anymore, so im mostly just having some good times with my friends watching movies or going out for a walk.
My pc is a Fujitsu Lifebook N series, NH 570 if im not wrong, it runs wow on Ultra without any lag, my internet connection is 15/2 or so. Im a fairly helpfull guy that likes doing lots of stuff in wow, so just ask for some s

Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone?:

- Post a picture of your UI here. (If you don’t know what a UI is or you don’t know how to host an image of it, you should have stopped reading at the top of this thread). :

- How do you feel about recieveing your loot via an officer loot system?:
No problem at all

Special Notes:

The trial period is a minimum of 1 week. After the trial weeks you will either be asked to leave or you will gain member rank.

If you would like to know how your trial is proceeding you can ask an officer in-game. You may be a

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Don't Know
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> 1x a Month
Saturday -> 1x a Month

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re: CLOSED - App: Foran - Danny - by podizzy

THE legacy of MINORITY is no more my friend.

I recognise your name, and remember you from Ulduar days...

Your time is wasted here champion, you should seek pastures anew.

May the light of a thousand suns guide your path.


Fuggan, Legendary Chief of the Orcs.
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