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re: Minority Rebirthed

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Before I start, I’d like to point a couple of facts, Minority has stopped a month ago from raiding due to reasons you will read below, Fresh players and dedicated raiders have decided to give minority the light again and to compete in the endgame progression with a stable steady 25 man international guild with semi hardcore enviornment yet hardcore progression, This is our view as we gathered together and got abit tired of what happened to stormreaver and the good guilds breaking apart leaving the server full with guilds that only progress after “Nerfs” no offense, If you share the same thought and dream we have; don’t hesitate contacting us ingame before you go down below and read further, Although we’re raiding under minority banner, So that means we will raid for the guild’s name under the guild’s rules and basics of the main founders.

<Minority> The guild was formed by a group of friends who met online playing Counter-Strike a few years ago and eventually wanted a change so followed the footsteps of many and made the move to WoW. We started at the beginning of the Burning Crusade expansion and spent our time in various Stormreaver guilds before deciding it was time to create a guild in our own image and try to make some improvements on the classic formula the majority of guilds follow. We are a Wrath start-up guild that has made major progression during our relatively short life and after a long and hard couple of years have worked our way up to one of the premier Guilds on the server.

Gone through a break of raiding due to multiple reasons such major founders taking break of the game, And different issues related to attendance and performance, And roughly been progressing for firelands though been able to keep a good activity on stormreaver. Now minority has been revived by some fresh players who are willing to compete once again for minority name, Under a whole new vision that they agreed to have of a stable – steady well progressed 25 man guild, In a semi hardcore enviornment yet hardcore progression.

Our Objective as a guild is to clear all hardmode content on a 3 day raiding schedule ( Might be extended to 4 days when it’s believed it needed for progress ) and will keep strengthening the guild to meet this. Our core group at the moment include players that have played this game for a long period and been progressing highly-medium rated hardcore raiding, We expect all of our members to meet the same level, Nobody carrying anybody <All giving the same effort>.

We are looking for people with a 'work hard play hard' mentality that treat eachother with respect and know how to socialise with adults and take/make a joke. The desire to improve is also something we look for and as such new members are not expected to be tip-top pros to start off provided they work hard to match the general standard.

We expect members to be self-motivated and as such dont impose much upon the guild. If you wish to raid in an atmosphere not plagued by an overabundance of static rules and regulations then this could be the place for you.

The guild was originally formed very late in TBC by Podzz, Byrne, Barnabas and Fuggan. When WoTLK was released they were joined by Druwid, after a few weeks of the expansion the guild had steadily grown to start raiding the 10man content, as they pushed for more members and better progression the guild eventually cleared the whole tier on 25man.
With a decent roster and enough players the guild managed to progress in Ulduar, clearing most of the hard modes, and picking up some great players and a friendly priest named Ruutana.
In early cataclysm the guild have been progressing under the lead of Druwid, Fuggan. After the break, <Rebirth> period, The guild is now been followed by Granosh to lead on the <Rebirth> period.

For more information or for any further assisstance you can communicate with Granosh ingame.
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