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re: DECLINED - App: Garthence - by Grandpa!

Well, your application is decent, Your experience aswell. Though we raid Thursday / Sunday / Monday, and you said you can't attend all mondays, I'd like my players to have 100% attendance, Unless it's emergency.. I'd like to hear you stating that.
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re: DECLINED - App: Garthence - by Grandpa!

Hello . First thanks for taking your time to apply to Minority , Your exp cata and pre cata is good , gear is also decent ,Glyphs/ Enchants are also good , although in ur app u made a minor mistake , instead of writting where u live u wrote what ur 2nd profession is. :D You got my vote for the trial period though good luck.

Best Regards from Genezis.

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re: App: Garthence

The application submitted by Garthence is as follows:

Name : Garthence
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Stormreaver
Level : 85
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Mage
Spec 1 : Arcane
Spec 2 : Fire

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes


- Character Name::

- Class::

- Spec::

- Professions and skill level (Note any reasons for not having max level):
enchanting 525

-Where are you from?:
tailoring 525

- Age (be honest)::

Raiding and Experience:

-We raid Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 18.30 - 23.00. We require 90% attendance, people will fail their trial if they are not able to make this. Are there any times in the near future where you will be unable to make these raid times?:
No these times work perfectly for me.

-What is your current raiding experience to date (Include BC, Pre-BC and WotLK)? Also, what are your expectations and aims for Cataclysm as a raider?: :
Oh, god..
Well , i've been playing since Vanilla, got full ZG,MC,BWL,AQ, Kazzak and the drakes, and and up to horsemen on original naxx, then TBC full scc,KT,BT. WOTLK full ulduar, TOC, ICC 11/12 Hc, and now in Cata - full bot, bwd, and firelands 6/7 HC. Now when thats out of the way haha my expectations and aims are to progress with a guild as a team, i expect to whipe alot in the upcoming patch which is fine by me since i enjoy progression raiding.


-Explain your talents and glyph choices.:
I've done my research and this is what benefits my character the most for my DPS and for my Rotation.

- What changes and aims do you have to maintain and improve your raid performance / knowledge of the game:
By continuously keep playing and practice, raiding is mostly what gives me experience, so i can expect what to come from me and from my raiding members.

- Please choose an encounter. Give a detailed account of your DPS cycle, Healing duties or Tanking requirements and any specific jobs in the encounter you would have to carry out.:
Hmrf, well i've always liked the Alyzrazor encounter, as a Mage in my guild i handled the air phase alongside with a shadow priest playing fire this time which is fortunate for me since im always arcane otherwise, when comet was incoming i took that out alone and then went back up doing my job in the air. Important to keep my Combustion skill up for burnout phase which is phase 4 in the alyz encounter.
That would be my entire job basically, ofcourse watch out for alyzrazor's AOE and drop the flying buff and if i could throw a CC in now just to show off i would, but i can't :(

- Why do you want to join Minority ?:
You guys seem to provide the play style and players im looking for, and i think i'd be a great asset to the team.

-Do you have any players in the Minority that can vouch for you?:
No, not unless you know me :)

-Tell us a bit about yourself.:
I'm 20 years old, i work as a night club manager in Stockholm while im also studying. I enjoy playing wow, being with my friends and my girlfriend and im a big fan of skiing and sailing!

Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone?:

- Post a picture of your UI here. (If you don’t know what a UI is or you don’t know how to host an image of it, you should have stopped reading at the top of this thread). :

- How do you feel about recieveing your loot via an officer loot system?:
Im favoring lootsystems over no lootsystems!

Special Notes:

The trial period is a minimum of 1 week. After the trial weeks you will either be asked to leave or you will gain member rank.

If you would like to know how your trial is proceeding you can ask an officer in-game. You may be a

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> 3x a Month
Tuesday -> 3x a Month
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> 3x a Month
Saturday -> 2x a Month

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