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re: DECLINED - App: Lingongrova - by Grandpa!

Greetings, First things first ; Your application is well written and you seem like skilled player and i wan't to thank you for taking your time to apply to Minority.. But there are 2 things that restrict me from taking you in.. Which are :
1- You can't attend sundays which means you cant keep good attendance for progress raids.
2- We're kind off full on the warriors, Since we already got 2 fury warriors who are active and filling the spots...

Thus, Sadly i have to decline your application, Goodluck in your guild hunting.

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re: DECLINED - App: Lingongrova - by Grandpa!

kinda bad if you can't be present during sundays : (

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re: App: Lingongrova

The application submitted by Lingongrova is as follows:

Name : Língongrova
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Stormreaver
Level : 85
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Tauren
Class : Warrior
Spec 1 : Fury
Spec 2 : Protect

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes


- Character Name::

- Class::

- Spec::

- Professions and skill level (Note any reasons for not having max level):
515 JC / 525 BS

-Where are you from?:

- Age (be honest)::

Raiding and Experience:

-We raid Sunday, Monday and Thursday 18.30 - 23.00. We require 90% attendance, people will fail their trial if they are not able to make this. Are there any times in the near future where you will be unable to make these raid times?:
I am unfortunately unable to join on sundays,but I am open for the remaining days : Mon,Wed,Thur,Fri,Satur from 7-11.

-What is your current raiding experience to date (Include BC, Pre-BC and WotLK)? Also, what are your expectations and aims for Cataclysm as a raider?: :
TBC : Karazhan,Gruul's Lair,Magtheridon's Lair
WoTLK : All normal raids 10/25,Ulduar up to Yogg.
Cata: 12/12,1/12HC,7/7,6/7 HC.


-Explain your talents and glyph choices.:
My talents and glyphs are basicly chosen to maximize my DPS/utility.
I'm very pumped for the MoP talent revamp. Hopefully that'll ease up some room for customization.

- What changes and aims do you have to maintain and improve your raid performance / knowledge of the game:
I improve by taking criticism,practice and working hard during my hours by the PC.

- Please choose an encounter. Give a detailed account of your DPS cycle, Healing duties or Tanking requirements and any specific jobs in the encounter you would have to carry out.:
I'll choose the Baleroc HC encounter,since that is the fight I've been DPS:ing the most on (was protection at the start of Cata).

At the start of the pull I tend to pre-pot on progression nights,and then stack up my CD:s along with the early bloodlust. I then wait for my trinket+Death wish to line up,and pop them while Recklessness finishes.

Regarding the specific jobs during this encounter,I was tasked to be an "emergency crystal soaker",stepping in whenever I am called.

- Why do you want to join Minority ?:
I would like to join Minority based on the fact that my former guildies(Ascendens and Áeternum) transferred to Stormreaver.
I was earlier today informed that they had decided to merge with you guys.

-Do you have any players in the Minority that can vouch for you?:
Ascendens and Áeternum

-Tell us a bit about yourself.:
I am a 17 year old guy currently living in Sweden,I speak fluid english,and my interests are soccer and gaming.
I am at my second year of high school,and this is one of the reasons of why I'm not a fan of "late night raiding".

Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone?:

- Post a picture of your UI here. (If you don’t know what a UI is or you don’t know how to host an image of it, you should have stopped reading at the top of this thread). :

- How do you feel about recieveing your loot via an officer loot system?:
I find this the ultimate loot systems by far, simply based around the idea of balancing the loot between the raiders.

Special Notes:

The trial period is a minimum of 1 week. After the trial weeks you will either be asked to leave or you will gain member rank.

If you would like to know how your trial is proceeding you can ask an officer in-game. You may be a

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Never
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Don't Know
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

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