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re: APPROVED - App: Iplaycss - by Grandpa!

Thanks, I will do my best to prove myself! Happy

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re: APPROVED - App: Iplaycss - by Grandpa!

Your application overall doesn't fit our recruitment rules.... Even though for some reason i just loved reading it, I like how straight forward you are, And you reminded me with a player i used to know who had the same potential as you and turned on to be one of the greatest raiders i've played with... Thus, I'd like to take time looking into your application, And if you can add /Granosh and talk to me tomorrow <Friday> i will have some spare time.!
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re: App: Iplaycss

The application submitted by Iplaycss is as follows:

Name : Iplaycss
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Stormreaver
Level : 85
Gender : Female
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Paladin
Spec 1 : Ret
Spec 2 : Ret

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes


- Character Name::

- Class::

- Spec::

- Professions and skill level (Note any reasons for not having max level):
Only one worth talking about is Alchemy.

-Where are you from?:

- Age (be honest)::

Raiding and Experience:

-We raid Sunday, Monday and Thursday 18.30 - 23.00. We require 90% attendance, people will fail their trial if they are not able to make this. Are there any times in the near future where you will be unable to make these raid times?:
The times fits me really. I don't know how much I will be able to play during christmas/New year celibrations (24, 25th and last december) But other than that I have no problem with the raiding times.

-What is your current raiding experience to date (Include BC, Pre-BC and WotLK)? Also, what are your expectations and aims for Cataclysm as a raider?: :
I started playing casually in TBC with my m8s, just lvling low alts all over the place. During the beginging of WOTLK i started playing on my paladin and my shaman to progress as Alliance on Doomhammer pretty much smashing everything in Naxx, Ulduar and TOC. One thing that is notable here is that I was only 13 year old and officer in a top guild on Doomhammer (Alliance, guild called Reflex)
My aim for Cataclysm was first equal to 0. But now I have started playing again and I can only say that im really enjoying the content, I always love a new challenge in bosses and always come prepared and fully read on the tactics.


-Explain your talents and glyph choices.:
You could call me a prefectionist in WoW, for a small part atleast. I always check the news for the classes I play to improve whatever I can in my specc, playstyle and glyphs. My current setup is used mainly to output as much damage as possible.

- What changes and aims do you have to maintain and improve your raid performance / knowledge of the game:
If I understand this question corrcetly I think I gave a good answer on the last question, I'm always open for help and constructiv critisim for geming, gear, specc etc etc.

- Please choose an encounter. Give a detailed account of your DPS cycle, Healing duties or Tanking requirements and any specific jobs in the encounter you would have to carry out.:
I haven't played for 6months as I've stated before, and I know that this will put me in a bad postion but I want to be honest and put my cards out on the table, if you understand what I mean.

- Why do you want to join Minority ?:
Minority seems like a guild-type I've always liked. Semi-hardcore raiding but a causal and chill guild, and I see that you have done some really good progression which I think intrests meny people :)

-Do you have any players in the Minority that can vouch for you?:
No, I don't.

-Tell us a bit about yourself.:
My name is Patrik. Im 16 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. At my spare time I used to play Counter-Strike:Source semi-professional, but after playing that game in such a high level for so meny years without a break has taken it's tall. I've always liked to play WoW but it has always been a "second game" after CSS, which I intend to change.

Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone?:
SteelSeries Sibiera V2, VENT, mumble, ts3 or whatever works for me.

- Post a picture of your UI here. (If you don’t know what a UI is or you don’t know how to host an image of it, you should have stopped reading at the top of this thread). :

- How do you feel about recieveing your loot via an officer loot system?:
I have no problem with that. And I would just like to add that I would love to get to talk to anyone from Minorty after you have talked abit about my application.

Special Notes:

The trial period is a minimum of 1 week. After the trial weeks you will either be asked to leave or you will gain member rank.

If you would like to know how your trial is proceeding you can ask an officer in-game. You may be a

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Never
Saturday -> Never

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