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re: Failure is not an option

I was part of "Sacrifice" but we did our best to keep a good name good, the state minority has turned into is pretty sad, you guys were dope, and i still watch our nef/cho'gall heroic kills, not quite the light of dawn, but it felt good after rinsing out so many scrubs
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re: Failure is not an option

Its been almost exactly a year since I left Minority and what was once a successful raiding guild has now been reduced to a joke.

When i informed the other founders I would be leaving this was one of the things i said;

You know my philosophies on the game and how it should be played and if you keep these at the back of your mind and dont let any dickheads blackmail or strangle you then I see no major problem with my departure.

well it seems like this went in 1 ear and out the other. From my backseat I have ascertained that this is the main list of failures that have occurred.

1. Lax approach to 25man during start of the expansion. Players levelling slowly and not being replaced resulting in a slow start and walk-out of the light of dawn team.

2. Merger and subsequent split with sacrifice. This was simply the lazy way out losing members. Officers should have rebuilt but instead let the sacrifice team run the guild while still retaining all the benefits of being the owners.

3. Switching to 10-man. Most annoyingly this happened just as I was trying to come back. people left for 25 man raiding. 10-man team gave up.

4. Allowing some shit nerd-core to take over resulting in 100/200K+ ?? of mats to disappear and a load of kids to ruin what reputation was left.


I have taken all remaining mats and gold and put them in a safe place where they cant be thrown away into whatever shit-pot idea you come up with next. If anyone was storing personal items or believes an amount of gold belongs to them personally they can message me and make a claim to have them returned.

If it was possible to change the guild name I would. Minority is a brand I gave considerable time to and will not allow it to be shat all over. Until such time as someone decides they are going to make a serious effort to revive it into a raiding guild it shall remain as a casual enterprise where any gold generated by the casual enterprises can be used. What I will be storing away is the raiding funds that are to be used for that purpose.

these are my contacts

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facebook : Iain O'Byrne

Characters: Byrne, Cheddar, Funnybones
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